Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Breakfast Biscuits

I've been trying to come up with something that we can grab on our way out the door on those busy mornings, all the muesli bars I have here are crunchy, therefor a bit messy, so not really breakfast suitable. So I asked around, who had what, and the lovely Trish had the perfect thing on her blog right here:

Now I've converted to a thermomix method, and I've altered the recipe a bit for what we had on hand, and our tolerance level. My version is NOT FAILSAFE, macadamia, coconut and chia are not failsafe, you can substitute these out for some of the options in Trishs' recipe. I was after something FODMAP safe, with allowances for mod-high chemical, if nutritious! I'm going to attempt tweaking a bit more with more alternative flours, to lower the amount of rice flour. I'll let you know when there is something to report ;) I'm also a little concerned about how much maple syrup there is, I will work on that! But this will do for the time being....

So this is where we ended up:

Breakfast Biscuits:
Dairy, Soy, Gluten, Egg free, Low Fodmaps, high natural chemical content.
(can be made nut free)

250grams Nuttelex,
130gram Maple Syrup (or rice malt syrup) and
50grams of white sugar (can be subbed back with maple syrup)
in to thermomix, mix on speed 4, 30 seconds.

160grams white rice flour
90 grams white glutinous flour
90 grams millet meal
10 grams psyllium husk
Mix speed 5, 15 seconds; scrape down sides, mix speed 4 another 20 seconds.

20grams Puffed Aramanth
15grams Quinoa Flakes
20grams Chia Seeds
20grams finely Shredded Coconut
30grams crushed Macadamias
Mix reverse, speed 5, 20 seconds, scrape down sides. Switch to knead function for another 20 seconds. What isn't mixed in, just give a gentle stir with your spatula before turning out on to some grease proof paper, it will knead through the mix as you work with it.

Place another piece of paper on top, and roll out to aprox 1cm thick. They don't rise, so make them whatever thickness, size you want them to be now. I use a knife to cut the edges off to make a square, then go along cutting in to slices, gently moving them across to give them a little space each.

Cook for 12-15 minutes, until browning.

Alternatively, roll them out as Trish described, I'm afraid I am just too, erm, uncoordinated to get them anywhere near an even shape haha!

I'm thinking of adding a little almond butter on top as I run out the door, nomnomnom!!

No thermomix? Easy, cream after the first step, and then mix well for the other two! You don't need a high powered machine for this one :)

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