Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bread - Wheat, Dairy, Soy Free; Failsafe and low Fodmaps

We're been on a bit of a journey in the last few weeks, where all the puzzle pieces with DD, 16mo, are coming together. The theory is that she is a FODMAPS responder. So she's missing a teeny little enzyme that helps to break up some foods. Think IBS, and you're getting an idea of what the poor thing has been living with.
Onwards and upwards though. It has meant a complete restructure of our Allergy eating, particuarly Failsafe. A lot of the failsafe foods that pack a nutitional punch, are high in FODMAPS (aha! Now you're seeing our problem!), so after much debate, there are several meals being made in this house a day; as DS 3yo needs those foods on his already restricted diet.

So you'll see me posting more FODMAPs recipes on the blog in the coming months too. We know she is a responder to at least 2 of the five categories, likely to be at least four though. So then it's a matter of testing tolerance levels, to figure out what, and how much we can get away with feeding her.

Now to the important part, BREAD. It's probably the one thing that is most missed in a gluten free diet. I've tried a lot of GF breads, packet mixes, home made concotions. Kerstens from Kerstens Kitchen has always been a favorite.
But we were searching for something light and fluffy, something to dip in to a soup, to make a great salad sandwhich with.

I stumbled upon a recipe on Pinterest, and it's surprisingly wonderful. Although the American heritage shines through with a very sweet taste. So after some tweaking, we've got, what we think is the best gluten free bread we've tried so far! It's getting on now, so I'll quickly pop it up for those wanting to try it, and I'll come back to edit :)

Gluten, Wheat, Soy, Dairy Free; Failsafe and Fodmap friendly BREAD

Add 520grams of Rice Milk to the Thermomix bowl, set 2 minutes, speed 2, 37 degrees.
Add in 2 tablespoons yeast (red canister), and 2t sugar. Set 2 minutes, speed soft, 37 degrees. When finished, let sit for 5-8 minutes to foam.

Add 200grams fine white rice flour, 70grams glutinous white flour, 130grams potato starch, 90grams tapioca, 3 teaspoons xanthum gum, 1 tablespoon baking powder, 1.5 teaspoons salt, mix on speed 4, 30 seconds.

Melt 60 grams of Nuttelex and cool, add 2 eggs, 1tablespoon Rice Malt Syrup and 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar (amines, could try subbing for citric), add all to bowl, mix 20 seconds on speed 4. Knead for 4 minutes.

Spray 24 cupcake pans with rice bran oil, fill each 3/4 of the way. Cover with a clean tea towel and let rise for 35 minutes, or until almost doubled.

Brush with nuttelex, or eggwash, or nothing ;) Bake 15-17 minutes @ 180 degrees. Let cool in pans for 15 minutes (very important!), you will likely need a knife to run around the outside to help disloadge them.



  1. Hey Tash. We journey together with doing the combo of diets. I've just started so maybe we can help each other out with food ideas etc. I've got a couple of tasty ones to share.

  2. Hi Steph! It's not easy, is it? We're all loving risotto at the moment, it's my go to meal haha! Looking forward to seeing what wonderful recipes you can share :)

  3. Thanks for sharing Tash. Food allergies are the worst! That looks delicious. I just tried Bavarian's wheat free bread and it is delicious. It's a rare finding when wheat free bread actually tastes like real bread so I had to share.

  4. Sorry Tash, haven't checked this for ages and now see that you got back to me ages ago. Check out FODMAP Free Me blogspot - the Chicken Pot Pie and the Blueberry Muffins are to die for! I think they're mostly failsafe compliant (perhaps with a couple of tweaks from you) . . . I'm still reacting to (life!) and working out my diet so have departed a little from it.