Friday, November 2, 2012

THAT Cheese Sauce - Vegan, wheat, soy, corn, sugar free, Failsafe!

This recipe has been in our midst for around a year now. When we first made it, it was a WOW moment. We couldn't believe the taste, like a lovely tasty cheese sauce.

The cashews and potato give the wonderful creamyness, the carrot the yollowness, the lemon juice just the right amount of tang to bring it to life.

I served it to unsuspecting guests at a Thermomix demo a few weeks back, all were quite stunned to find out what they were eating!

All the ingredients are low chemical, except for the carrot, which falls in to the moderate category. I'm sure this could be removed, and perhaps saffron included to help get that lovely yellow look.

I serve this over gluten free pasta for 'Mac and Cheese', I make up platters with dipping veggies and sliced mountain bread for those who can have wheat, almost like nachos!
I put through recipes asking for cheese. I place on the base of pizza. Ohhh, another is to add chicken and vegies and pop in to pastry for a cheesy pie! Ohh, and on top of Frittata! Let your imagination run wild!!

The recipe comes from the cookbook, 'Rainbow Recipes', by Aileen Sforcina. Called 'Golden Sauce', to use over steamed veggies. You can purchase it by emailing Aileen at : . It has both traditional and thermomix methods for every recipe, so perfect for every kitchen!

I've received written consent from the Author to publish here, so I would appreciate, either to contact Aileen to share it further, or just link back to the blog. 'Rainbow Recipes' is her labor of love, so we need to respect that please :)

THAT Cheesy Sauce - Vegan, wheat, soy, corn, sugar free and Failsafe
400grams White Potato - peeled
80grams Carrot (Moderate Salicylates)
1 Bunch of Spring Onions - white parts
100grams Raw Cashews
500grams Water
20grams of 'Lemon Juice' -
60grams Celery
2-3 teaspoons of Salt (this gives it the real cheesy kick, adjust to desired amount)

Thermomix Method:
Place all ingredients in to Thermomix.

Cook for 20 minutes, 100 degrees, on speed 2, reverse.

Pulverise on speed 9 for 60 seconds.
Adjust consistency to taste by adding more water or salt if necessary.

Traditional Method:
Chop all veg, and place all ingredients in to a saucepan and cook until vegetables are tender.

Pour in to blender, and blend until very smooth.

Adjust consistency by adding water if necessary.


If you are on the Ellimination diet, you can leave the carrot out, and sub in 8-10 strands of saffron, soaked in 20ml of water for half an hour. Add in 1/2 - 1t sugar to make up for the sweetness of the carrot.

Lemon juice sub/acid - If you can't tolerate any of these, leave them out, still a very successful cheese sauce without it!

Some Failsafers have already tried it, and here is what they think!
RN - OMGoodness.. this has just put about 8 dishes back on our family list that called for cheese! for a FS 8 year old and three year old who is severely dairy intolerant... NOW we can have all things cheesy!!!! they are rapt.. just made with saffron instead of carrot and it is amazing! today they will get cheesy mac, and pizza that i had planned with a really nice base ins tead of a dry one.. then i'm planning crepes with leek and chicken, and some pies and a lasagne with FLAVOUR! whoo hoo... best recipie EVER! (short of the pear ketchup)

FC - Love it, love it, love it. Made w/out lemon juice/acid tonight. Even critical hubby was impressed. It even bubbled up & crisped like real cheese when I accidentally overzapped some in microwave. Thanks sooo much!


  1. Now, this looks exciting!!!

    I see Mac'n'Cheese in our not too distant future.

    Thank you!

  2. Is the cookbook suitable for a failsafe diet? Or is it heavily based on high salicylate/amine ingredients?

  3. thats what I am wondering too Niki..

  4. It isn't based on the Failsafe diet, it is a vegan, and some raw recipe book, free of colorings and preservitives, using fruits, vegies, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds.Even though it isn't Failsafe, there are still may recipes that happen to be, or can be altered. Another 2 favorites are vegan, wheat free, failsafe Gravy and chickpea mornay! :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Failsafe gravy? Now that would definitely get some attention at our place!
    Rach E.

  7. Failsafe Gravy would be a hit here too!
    In the meantime can't wait to try the 'cheese' sauce.

  8. Hi Tash,
    At the FAILSAFE Table is planning on doing a Christmas issue of the newsletter in two weeks – 23rd November. Would you be interested in contributing any recipes? They don’t have to be new ones, or be Christmas themed, just recipes that would make for yummy, interesting Christmas treats, meals or desserts. If you’d like to contribute, just send through the links by the 22nd November to

  9. Wow this looks fantastic, I have shared a link to this page from my fb page,
    (!/pages/Me-and-My-Thermomix/223923264300573) I hope that is ok? If not I will remove :)

  10. I made this tonight and it was a big hit at our dinner table over wheat-free pasta! Our three year old boy was estatic and helped himself to huge amounts! Not only is the taste good but the texture is surprisingly clingy and melty and the colour is very appealing! Thanks heaps!!

  11. Would it work without the cashews? Or could you substitute? My 8 year old is allergic to tree nuts, but I have a 3 year old who is failsafe, this would be a great family recipe if I could make it work! Thanks :)

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